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  • Are you a legitimate business, and what is Repo Switch?
    Yes, Repo Switch is an Australian-owned and fully legitimate business registered under ABN 68 717 450 486 since April 2021. At Repo Switch, integrity is paramount. We are committed to transparency and encourage you to verify our legitimacy by checking details at the Australian Business Register (ABR). Additionally, you can check out our reviews page to learn more about others' experiences with Repo Switch. Repo Switch is a unique concept we've introduced to the gaming world,The term "Repo" is short for repurchase agreements and draws inspiration from the vocabulary of financial markets. In simple terms, it reflects our commitment to repurchasing games we previously sold, with only a slight price difference. Our mission is to establish a gaming platform that maximizes fun for the Australian gaming community at the most affordable cost. We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable gaming experience without breaking the bank for our customers.
  • What is the condition of the games?
    We offer games in three distinct condition options: Preowned: As we repurchase games from our customers with a slight price difference, the default condition of the games is preowned. Before dispatch, we thoroughly test and sanitize the games to ensure our customers receive them in an acceptable condition. New: We include notes on the ribbon to indicate if games are new or sealed. "Cartridge Only": Games labeled as "cartridge only" are available at a slightly lower price. This option indicates games with a damaged case or no case. This level of transparency ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the condition of the games they are purchasing from Repo Switch.
  • What are the shipping options available, and is there an option for in-store pickup for orders?
    We typically partner with Sendle and Australia Post for our primary shipping services. For orders exceeding $100, we provide free shipping. To ensure our customers continue to enjoy the highest trade-in prices, we don't operate in a physical store. Instead, we offer locker self-pickup/drop-off options. Additionally, customers can schedule an appointment with us for in-person assistance.
  • What is the quality of your products, and do you offer any warranty?
    At Repo Switch, we exclusively handle items in good condition, and we do not carry out any fixes or refurbishments on our products. We maintain strict standards for trade-in items, conducting thorough testing to ensure they are all in optimal working condition. As the majority of our products are preowned, we assure you they will work smoothly upon dispatch. In the rare event that items arrive faulty, please feel free to request a replacement or a full refund within 7 days of receipt(we will cover the shipping cost).
  • How can I trade in games to Repo Switch?
    We offer trade-ins for new games or trade-ins for AUD. For more details, please check out the Trade-in Guidelines page.
  • Where should I post or drop off games to initiate a trade-in with Repo Switch?
    For postal delivery, please send your games to the following address: REPO SWITCH PO BOX 86 PETERSHAM NSW 2049 For drop-off, check the address by clicking [here]
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