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Oversea Edition [English Supports]

It takes a certain type of western gamer to be a Mobile Suit Gundam fan. You probably got hooked into mecha anime and spent your youth glaring at import gaming magazines, making lists of Gundam games you would either never play, or end up doing so decades after their original release after some brave fans translated them. You knew they had zero chance of official localization due to the costs involved and lack of audience in the west, but you somehow stuck with it and continue to be a fan of the series, even today.

You'll also be aware that hope was not lost and eventually, several Gundam shows ended up being aired in the West, beginning with Cartoon Network’s Toonami premiere of the 'After Colony' timeline series Gundam Wing, which served as an introduction to the whole Gundam universe for many non-Japanese fans. Overnight, Gundam became a part of mainstream western anime culture, achieving a tiny, tiny fraction of the fame it has enjoyed in its homeland since the late '70s (it's no understatement to say that Gundam is Japan's Star Wars).


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