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*Asia Cover, Supports English, Chinese, Japanese.


Super Robot Wars T is the most recent entry (and the first on Switch) in Bandai Namco's very successful series of tactical mecha adventures that stretch all the way back to deepest darkest 1991. With dozens upon dozens of previous entries under their belt you'd imagine they'd have exhausted Japan's supply of pilotable robo-suits long ago, but Super Robot Wars T proves there are still fresh avenues to explore, and this entry has the pleasure of at last granting the wishes of anyone who ever dreamed of going into battle alongside Captain Harlock or the cast of Magic Knight Rayearth.

And if you're the sort of person who has trouble telling your Tallgeese apart from your Transformers these days, or if you have no idea what any of this means at all, then you might think it was safe to say the game wasn't for you and quietly move on – but you'd end up missing out on an experience that's far more accessible than a cursary glance would have you believe. The team behind Super Robot Wars T are clearly well aware that a series with the kind of heritage and baggage this one brings can easily feel overwhelming for all but the most dedicated of fans, which is why the game has an excellent interactive tutorial sitting right there on the main menu, separate from the actual campaign.


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Super Robot Wars T


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