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The four popular games of Nintendo e-Shop comes in one package! The game contents are Goldfish Dip, Card, Numeric Puzzle, and Nikakudori! Fun games are gathered together good to play with friends!

Goldfish Game
A new classic party game which goal is to scoop goldfish by tilting the Joy-Con, Keep them out from dangerous species like turtles and alligators! You can enjoy with up to 4 person gameplay.

Players: 1-4
Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese

Card Game
You can enjoy 4 classic games of cards such as "Poker" "Texas Hold 'Em" "Blackjack" "Page One" at once!

Player: 1
Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Chinese

Numeric Puzzle Game
Simple but profound, the definitive version of the brain puzzle! Numeric puzzle with an easy rule to fill the squares with numbers from 1 to 9. Total puzzle solving of 500! With 4 rules & 4 difficulties, you can play with the excitement of it all the time.

Player: 1
Languages: Japanese, English

Nikakudori Game
A puzzle game that eliminating tiles by pairing with the identical tiles. Quickly find the combination for more points and advantage. As you unlock the challenges, new characters will be unlocked as well.

Player: 1
Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese

THE Variety Game Daishugo: Kingyo Sukui, Card, Suji Puzzle, Nikakudori


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